How to Plan for an Office Move

Getting Kickstarted with the new venture and moving to a new office site embarks the beginning of a new stage, and it deserves a smooth and tension-free relocation. Office Relocation announcement is a challenging project where everything needs to go smoothly and at a fast pace so that the change over a period is kept as crisp as possible and usual businesses are resumed within a few weeks. We need to prioritize the office moving strategies as per our checklist to achieve this.

Here are the below steps on how to Plan A Safe Move To A New House/Office During Covid19 ?? There is always a method in hand to inform everyone about the official relocation announcement.

1. Ensure an early start to the office premises

Official relocation requires proper planning and detailing. When the time has come for us to relocate, the time frame has to be prepared well in advance. Additionally, maintaining a specific budget assigned to the relocation transformation will help us identify the costs of hiring manpower and avoid any confusion.

2. Announce to your employees the new move

Ensure the new office employees are notified of the new change and below are to announce to them

1. The new address or any revised phone/contact no

2. New onboarding rules

3. Right Justification for the move.

4. What employees need to do right now if anything

5. The employment opportunities offered/Internal job postings(If any)

3. An Appointed Project Leader on-duty

Every transition requires teamwork to increase the success rate, and appointing the right person to facilitate all the aspects of the office relocation is very important. The team leader should ensure all the above conditions are met seamlessly, making an easy move.

4. Swipe clean your office

Never move with items that are not at all required. Ensure the old files, folders, data items, old furniture(s), age-old equipment that is no more needed are disposed of

5. Hire a reliable and professional moving lead

Ensure a proper backup plan on the packers and movers who have a piece of broad knowledge, expertise and intellect is required to make the relocation process more accessible. Go ahead in getting in touch with packers and movers. They are skillful in packing services, shifting services, house shifting, moving experts, house shifting services, and office shifting.

6. Update the present address everywhere

By letting the suppliers and customers know about the present address, we are not wasting our time and ensure the business cards, website, letters, and social media sites are updated with the latest details on the relocation.

7. Get to know the GST Rates on Packers and Movers and move accordingly

There are several GST Rates for transportation services – One such is 5% for transportation services, transit insurance is 15%, and packers/movers is 18%. This 18% includes packing and loading, unload, and unpacking and rearranging services. We need not carry any single item with us, and experts make every move.

  • Be cautious when hiring the services
  • Ensure the house is disinfected before we move
  • Ensure the right packing services are inferred for a smooth move

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